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Specialist Care

We specialise in providing care and support for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs, including physical disabilities, and those from a forensic background with either a history of criminal activity or who are at risk of offending.

Person-Centred Care Plans

Our person-centred care plans ensure that the emotional and physical needs of everyone living in our homes are expertly assessed and that these needs are addressed 24 hours a day. All care plans are continuously monitored with residents engaging in regular counselling when behavioural targets are reviewed and fresh recovery programmes can be set. Residents also participate in group sessions, on topics likely to include anger or stress management, or, at a more communal level, to discuss and, importantly, agree between themselves where the next holiday should be.

Risk Management

Our highly skilled teams engage with all our residents on decisions about their daily lives, ranging from simple choices about menus, activities, and even what clothes to wear. On bigger and often more challenging issues we work tirelessly to help our residents understand the nature of risk, and how to take sound decisions that have positive outcomes.

Life Skills Training

All our residents are encouraged to learn new life-skills and try new experiences as they move along their care pathways so that self-reliance is strengthened in readiness for the time when they can step-down from full-time residential care into supported living and take greater responsibility for their lives ahead.

Stakeholder Engagement

Externally, and throughout the care delivery process we work closely with stakeholders including social workers and other professionals. Family members are always consulted on important matters relating to the direction of care. Within the required constraints of providing our residents with Homes that are above-all secure and safe, we have an open-door policy at all times for welcoming authorised visitors.