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Toby Lodge is a 10-bed facility in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets specialising in providing medium to long-term rehabilitative care for adult males with a forensic background and a history of offending.

Typically, residents come to us after periods of detention under the Mental Health Act, diagnosed, variously, with severe to moderate learning Disabilities, Aspergers Syndrome, Schizophrenia and Bipolar.  Within this group there will have been a high incidence of drug abuse and of continuing challenging behaviours. Residents are often institutionalised from lengthy stays in detention.

All our service-users engage in robust programmes of support and recovery based on the use of the Mental Health Outcomes Star. We also use a range of recognised risk assessment, management and outcome measurement tools in our therapeutic interventions that include cognitive behavioural and dialectical behaviour therapy skills.

The design of these recovery programmes also includes meaningful pathways for re-integrating residents back into the community to minimise the risk of re-offending on their eventual step-down from Venus.

Quotes from CQC Report

“The Home was well led by a Registered Manager who supported Residents to have their views heard and acted upon. Systems were in place to monitor the quality of the service and promote continuous improvement. Monthly Residents’ meetings allowed service-users to feedback about the care and support they received”

“Health and Social Care Professionals confirmed they were always updated if service-users’ healthcare conditions changed or if further guidance and support was needed”

“Staff felt valued and spoke positively of the open and honest working environment and the support they received from Management which led to a strong sense of teamwork across the whole team”