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A Day in the Life of Our Homes

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Life in our Homes continues along a 24/7 spectrum. Sleep doesn’t always come easily to our service users, so it is frequently the case that cups of tea are being shared with staff in the kitchen the wee hours. If a soothing chat is required, our staff will always find the time.

After the day-staff arrive and the handover is completed, it’s breakfast eaten communally in our brightly painted and decorated dining areas. At all meals people are supported to eat a balanced diet ensuring their nutritional needs are met, and that the food accords to a person’s cultural, religious and medical needs. We like all our people to start the day with a healthy breakfast because there’s always a full programme ahead. The cooking for all meals is often done with help from our residents.

After breakfast those residents who are going out for the day get ready to depart, accompanied as necessary by a member of staff to provide1-2-1 care and support. Today, Rubin will be going to a local day centre, whilst Pattie is visiting the museum in Watford where she loves looking at the model of a 19th century dolls house and other small artefacts.

Back in the Home and after a group session, typically on stress or anxiety management, remaining residents have a planned day of activity ahead. Susan, who’s been with us 3 years, and doesn’t like to go out is having a ‘manicure and pedicure day’, interspersed with 20 minutes on the exercise bike, before being accompanied to the front and back garden where she enjoys watering the plants.

Throughout the day, there’s business to attend to in the office. Now say hello to Danny. He’s a big man who’s been with us for 8 years and has a Learning Disability. After showering, Danny comes down to the office as if he was going to work. Sitting at ‘his’ table in the corner of the office he opens his laptop and asks “What shall I do today?” Whether drawing pictures or doing puzzles set for him by the staff, this interaction makes Danny feels included and needed, all part of the restorative care we provide.

Later as the evening draws in, and after a freshly cooked supper, people are either in their rooms watching television or sharing in some communal activity downstairs before the night-staff arrive and the whole 24/7 cycle starts again.