Welcome to Venus

"Discovering the Very Best in People"

We are a provider of residential care and support options whose mission is to make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people by providing a person-centred approach that meets all aspects of an individual’s needs.

We have a very progressive approach to care. Our eyes are fixed on creating a better future for our service users. At the same time we listen to the lessons of the past. So the healing powers of our 200,000 year old giant clam that speaks in the soothing and calming language of the ancient seas it once inhabited are as central to the care we deliver as the assisted technology we use to monitor an individual’s wellbeing.


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Through our strong ethos of working collaboratively and in partnership with Commissioning Groups, Social Workers and the Families of those in our care, we provide clear pathways for recovery for all our residents - pathways which, like the crystals encrusted within our clam, sparkle with purpose and commitment.